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Who We Are
Sunday, July 21, 2024

What is Capitolwire.com?

Capitolwire.com, a service of GovNetPA, Inc., is the premier on-line news and information service focusing on key issues directly impacted by actions at the state level: Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Labor, Taxation, Environment, Commerce, Politics, etc.

Where is Capitolwire.com?

Our staff operates in the state capitol of Harrisburg, PA. Corporate offices are located in Hillsborough, NJ.

Who uses Capitolwire.com?

Since the service was launched in September 1999, we’ve grown to thousands of paid subscribers — including the Pennsylvania Senate, House of Representatives, Governor’s Office and state agencies, as well as many businesses and law firms.

Why do they use Capitolwire.com?

Capitolwire.com provides a centralized repository of information and organized databases that, as subscribers tell us, result in three consistent benefits:

Greater Awareness. The news and information provided by Capitolwire.com improve subscribers’ overall awareness of what’s happening in and among government, law, business and special interest groups, enabling them to proactively share vital information with clients and colleagues.

Improved Productivity. Capitolwire.com subscribers save time using dynamic internet tools and sophisticated search engines to retrieve and organize specific information in a real-time environment. They review a broader range of news and information in a fraction of the time it used to take them to do less.

More Control. Subscribers can customize Capitolwire.com to provide more rapid coverage of the issues that matter most to them — with E-mail messages that alert them to breaking news and information in their interest areas, allowing them to be “in the know” before others.

How do they use Capitolwire.com?

The Capitolwire.com website organizes information in “key issue” categories — including healthcare, transportation, business and education, among others — to save our subscribers time and help them increase productivity. With a simple mouse-click, they can retrieve news and information from a broad range of sources: press releases, speeches, position papers, regulatory rulings and other news sources — all related to the specific key issue that’s of particular interest to them.

Under the Dome is the online Calendar of Record for public affairs in the capitol and around the state — a quick guide to events like press conferences, rallies and committee meetings — and a snapshot look at which issues capitol insiders are talking about.

State News provides a briefing on the day’s political and economic headlines, as reported by the Capitolwire.com news staff and each state’s major media sources. Headlines are presented in digital digest format, with direct links to the full text of each story and links to the archive site. Designate keywords in News Watch to deliver personalized email alerts directly to your desktop.

U.S. News is a digital news digest, culled daily from hundreds of media sources and linked to the full text of each story, providing an unparalleled view of key issues in the nation’s political and governmental landscape. Designate keywords in News Watch to deliver personalized email alerts directly to your desktop. No other source — on or off the Internet — currently makes public affairs and political news available with the depth, breadth, coherence and convenience offered by Capitolwire.com.

Capitol Mailbag gives subscribers access to many of the latest memos, press releases, speeches, position papers, legislative committee testimony and correspondence to and from executive agencies, lawmakers, lobbyists and interest groups. This unique service provides a window into the offices of the capitol’s decision-makers and opinion-makers ... and a look at what “the other guys” are thinking and saying.

Weekly Wrap provides a look back at the past week and a look ahead at the upcoming week — the major votes, executive actions, politicking and other events that shape public policy debate and drive the agenda in the capitol.

Procurement follows public procurement activities from start to finish, with full-time Capitolwire.com reporters providing news of state contract announcements and awards, as well as insights on likely bidders, problems of compliance, and other information you can’t find anywhere else.

Subscribers to Capitolwire.com can also customize the service to meet their specific needs — with powerful search engines that make it easy to find relevant information, email options that speed access to information, and organizational tools that make information easier to use.

Advanced Search Capabilities allow you to search our extensive databases by keyword or topic — and within a given time frame and state — to find immediately relevant news headlines and stories, press releases, legislative actions, regulatory matters and procurement announcements. These searches can help you and your staff identify late-breaking news, opportunities or developing trends that you can take advantage of immediately.

News Watch is a personalized email service that uses keywords you provide to identify specific topics of interest ... automatically searches our online services for news and information related to those keywords ... then delivers that information directly to your desktop, beginning at 8:30 a.m. every weekday.

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